Cornell University’s Baker Program in Real Estate Master’s Degree

Baker Program in Real Estate pic
Baker Program in Real Estate

Urban American Management operates out of West New York, New Jersey, with a commitment to bettering neighborhoods and enhancing the lives of residents. Beyond its services in the property management industry, Urban American Management supports real estate programs at Cornell University. Master degree programs offered by Cornell include the Baker Program in Real Estate.

Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate requires students to commit to two years of immersive study and guides students in building the necessary foundations to become an effective leader. The program delivers instruction from the country’s largest full-time real estate faculty and offers real estate classes designed to improve student knowledge in a wide spectrum of areas. Classes impart information on the various roles in the real estate field and advance the student’s understanding of such topics as finance, investment, deal structuring, and construction management.

Towards the end of their first semester, students will select an area of concentration that defines the path of their future studies and distinguishes them within the industry. Studies during the student’s second semester typically align with their chosen area of concentration. Requirements for the degree consist of the completion of 62 credit hours, which include 10 credit hours in an approved concentration and six elective credit hours.

In addition, students receive the opportunity to participate in a multitude of internships, such as a summer internship in the selected area of concentration held between the first and second year.

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Urban American and Brookfield Launch Energy Upgrades Initiative

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Brookfield Property Partners Urban American

Launched in 1999, Urban American Management provides affordable rentals in renovated spaces throughout the State of New York. Urban American Management works within the communities it serves by upgrading its buildings, living areas, and communal spaces and partnering with organizations to provide special programs and services to address the needs of residents.

In partnership with Brookfield Property Partners, Urban American has launched a project that creates more sustainable and green updates within its properties as a way to help the environment, lower energy costs, and deliver greater comfort for tenants in its buildings in Harlem.

The initiative, which costs $16 million to achieve and includes upgrades throughout five of the Harlem Putnam Portfolio residences, is set to include new appliances, new balconies, new lighting in common areas, new cogeneration systems, replaced windows, and new heat and energy generators. The generators will allow tenants access to electricity even when the city experiences blackouts. Energy savings of $4 million and a 2017 end-of-the-year completion date are expected.