Provisions of The Veteran Housing Initiative

Veterans Housing Initiative pic
Veterans Housing Initiative

An experienced real estate and investment firm, Urban American Management owns, renovates, and manages affordable multifamily and workforce residential properties in the New York metropolitan area. Urban American Management has initiated the Veterans Housing Initiative program, which aims to provide homes to veterans at a discounted price.

The Veterans Housing Initiative was implemented in 2010 in response to reports detailing the difficulties veterans faced in finding affordable housing when they came back to civilian life after overseas deployment. Besides providing significant discounts on rental fees and services, a component of the project also oversees income-generating opportunities for spouses of veterans.

Per the guidelines of the Veterans Housing Initiative, the first month’s rent for the house is waived for qualified veterans. Also, veterans are required to pay a significantly lower amount as a security deposit. These discounts for veterans are offered in conjunction with any other additional discounts that Urban American Management offer at its properties.


Urban American and Brookfield Launch Energy Upgrades Initiative

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Brookfield Property Partners Urban American

Launched in 1999, Urban American Management provides affordable rentals in renovated spaces throughout the State of New York. Urban American Management works within the communities it serves by upgrading its buildings, living areas, and communal spaces and partnering with organizations to provide special programs and services to address the needs of residents.

In partnership with Brookfield Property Partners, Urban American has launched a project that creates more sustainable and green updates within its properties as a way to help the environment, lower energy costs, and deliver greater comfort for tenants in its buildings in Harlem.

The initiative, which costs $16 million to achieve and includes upgrades throughout five of the Harlem Putnam Portfolio residences, is set to include new appliances, new balconies, new lighting in common areas, new cogeneration systems, replaced windows, and new heat and energy generators. The generators will allow tenants access to electricity even when the city experiences blackouts. Energy savings of $4 million and a 2017 end-of-the-year completion date are expected.

Young Professionals Committee Raises Money for Storefront Academy

Storefront Academy Harlem pic
Storefront Academy Harlem

New York City property management company Urban American Management has operated and revitalized thousands of apartment units since 1997. Urban American Management offers charitable support to Storefront Academy Harlem, a private school in Manhattan.

The primary goal of Storefront Academy Harlem is to educate students in preschool through eighth grade by offering smaller class sizes and an ideal student-teacher ratio. To raise money for the tuition-free school, Storefront Academy runs a volunteer program called the Young Professionals Committee (YPC). YPC members must be between the ages of 21 and 40 and are expected to organize fundraising events, host quarterly meetings, and promote Storefront Academy at work and other locations.

Advantages of joining the YPC include receiving opportunities for professional networking and gaining insight into how nonprofit organizations function. YPC members also receive special recognition at events and fundraisers.

For more information on how to get involved with the YPC, go to

Urban American Management Supports Veterans

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Urban American Management

Urban American Management owns and manages residential and workforce real estate throughout New York City. Dedicated to supporting military veterans, Urban American Management offers significant housing discounts for veterans who are returning from deployment to the New York metro area. The company’s Veterans Housing Initiative has provided high-quality housing options to America’s returning veterans at an affordable price.

With veterans serving on its senior management team, Urban American has taken part in several other services that honor veterans in addition to the Veterans Housing Initiative. Through another program called Reticle, the company has featured art made by veterans in its Brooklyn properties, highlighting the artistic talent found in the military. It has also sponsored the annual the Jimmy’s Run Memorial 5k, hosted by Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund, Inc., a nonprofit that raises funds for families of service members who have been disabled or killed.

The company focuses on creating a community-friendly approach to its engagement with veterans and seeks to make New York the most welcoming home possible for them.