Provisions of The Veteran Housing Initiative

Veterans Housing Initiative pic
Veterans Housing Initiative

An experienced real estate and investment firm, Urban American Management owns, renovates, and manages affordable multifamily and workforce residential properties in the New York metropolitan area. Urban American Management has initiated the Veterans Housing Initiative program, which aims to provide homes to veterans at a discounted price.

The Veterans Housing Initiative was implemented in 2010 in response to reports detailing the difficulties veterans faced in finding affordable housing when they came back to civilian life after overseas deployment. Besides providing significant discounts on rental fees and services, a component of the project also oversees income-generating opportunities for spouses of veterans.

Per the guidelines of the Veterans Housing Initiative, the first month’s rent for the house is waived for qualified veterans. Also, veterans are required to pay a significantly lower amount as a security deposit. These discounts for veterans are offered in conjunction with any other additional discounts that Urban American Management offer at its properties.