Two Tips for Managing Tenant Relationships

Tenant Relationships pic
Tenant Relationships

A property management company that includes customer service among its priorities, Urban American Management oversees several apartment units in the New York City metropolitan area. Offering affordable housing to residents all over the state, Urban American Management provides a rapid response to tenant feedback to ensure its relationships with its tenants remain strong. Here are some tips for managing tenant relationships.

1. The documentation provided to tenants should concisely outline the full responsibilities of the property management company clearly, ensuring there can be no confusion about the issues for which the company is responsible. For example, you should clearly state the notice time you will offer to tenants before property inspections.

2. Tenant inquiries should be responded to promptly. A survey conducted by Knight Frank, a UK-based real estate consultancy, found that 50 percent of respondents believe that communication from a property manager within 24 hours of an inquiry is among his or her most important qualities.