Innovative Housing Program Offers Reduced Rent to Veterans

Urban American Management pic
Urban American Management



Since 1997, Urban American Management (UAM) has acquired and managed multifamily properties, with the aim of improving residents’ quality of life. Using efficient management practices, reducing energy consumption, and improving infrastructure has allowed Urban American Management to create safe and attractive properties for their residents. The company’s commitment to public service has led it to help those in need through programs like its Veterans Housing Initiative (VHI).

The VHI arose out of concern for the rising number of veterans who were unable to find affordable housing. The program offers discounted rents to men and women returning from military service. In addition to lower rents, veterans are eligible for free first-month rent and other discounts. Those using the GI Bill to apply to college will have their security deposit waived. Through this program, UAM hopes to “serve those who served,” as noted by executive vice-president Joshua Eisenberg in a press release.